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StepUpEra is a community of learners and educators who aim at instilling relevant skills in the young generation that would help them in acquiring a decent Entry level jobs and also for those who want upskilling. We also focus on all round development of students and provide them with courses related to skill development.

StepUpEra is the 21st-century professional development initiator who provides a community-based ecosystem for the full potential development of young minds. What is of utmost importance when it comes to tier 2/3 cities, “Withthis, we are not trying to solve any problem? We are instead trying to unearth the hidden talent within 60–65% of the Indian population residing in tier-2/tier-3 and rural areas. These guys have such amazing grasping power and learning ability that with sincere efforts can do miracles. And, in this process, a by-product is the solution to a bigger problem we as a country face today, that is, migration to metros, because most jobs there are converged in top 15–20 cities.

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Why Choose us


“To make quality education accessible to the youth learners coming from different regions and different strata of the Society and to provide the same to them as per their individual choices and inclination at affordable prices.”

Our Mission


“To provide global knowledge and skill development to the youth through a community-driven ecosystem with individual, corporate, & social awareness, also to make them a part of the global workforce to meet the present challenges of the industry.”

Our Visions


“Develop the digital learning platform to fulfill the growing needs across different sectors within an opportune time to hone the skills of the youth of ‘Real Bharat.”

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