Community development is one of the most important things in StepUpEra family, that can do a lot for people when it’s introduced and properly carried out. It is, by design, intended to improve the lives of members in the community that it is implemented in. The goal is for there to be a positive change for the community and its members, which provides flexibility for the details of those changes and the methods used to reach that endgame. It doesn’t matter if the changes are massive improvements that have a widespread effect or small alterations that cause a gradual upgrade in particular areas; both are acceptable.

It is 9 Months (39 Weeks) Programmes, included 38 Courses that offers a wide variety of sessions on different topics related to life changing and skill development. It helps in holistic development of a student.

Benefits Of Being a Member

  • StepUpEra Offers a diverse range of Skill Development Programme or interest areas to suit anyone
  • You can learn workplace skills from being a volunteer. You can learn corporate governance skills – Team management, business planning – from joining a Community.
  • Experience in operating as part of a community group gives you the tools you need to get your voice heard in the centers of power.
  • Members can replace their previous behaviors through the support and guidance of the group and its community leaders.
  • Community members can get over all practical and industrial exposure
  • Community members will get StepUpEra premium course at lower cost.
  • Community members will get the experience of Networking, Sharing Experiences, Job Opportunities, Meeting Experts, Solutions to Problems.
  • we are social animals and when you are part of a community there are always social aspects involved that you can have a lot of fun at.
  • join communities in order to: Share new ideas, lessons learned, proven practices, insights, and practical suggestions.: Learn from other members of the community; from invited guest speakers about successes, failures, case studies, and new trends; and through mentoring.

What you’ll get?

  • 39 Week Live Session on Different Topics
  • Weekend Sessions
  • Discount on various Certification Courses
  • Internship Opportunities
  • Experts Sessions
  • Certificate of Membership
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  • Shivam

    Outstanding sessions in best price

    Thank you so much. Despite my five years of experience, I learned a lot from this membership. I highly recommend. Thank you StepUpEra
  • subh

    Best courses

    There are two kinds of courses one which are useful in short run, and the select few which can change your life, this is one of the latter. This course deals with philosophy, and gives an inside peak of this session (sessions are recording ). Join if you want to challenge your way of thinking, course moves beyond theoretical aspects, and tackles some contemporary issues with perspective of Philosopher.
  • Saumya Jha

    Best course

    Glad that my friend pitched in for here, I am very satisfied with my experience here. Looking forward to learn more and have a wonderful experience.
  • Ananya

    Wonderful Experience

    I had a great personal experience here, got to learn alot and that too at affordable price. Looking forward to attend more such sessions.
  • Nishu


    I am very happy with the course. The course was taught very effciently. Its a very smart buy. Deserves 5 star
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Course Features

  • Duration : 39 week
  • Enrolled : 178
  • Assessments : Self
Price :
₹3,000.00 ₹1,499.00


Average Rating: 4.8


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